What is the difference between a Troop, a Pack and a Den? And how does it all work?

Troop is the term used for an official, registered group of Scouts BSA.  Scouts BSA are aged 11 to 17.  Geneva Cub Scouts go on to join Geneva Scouts Troop 130 or Troop 77.

Pack is the term used for an official, registered group of Cub Scouts.  Our Pack holds one pack meeting and one pack activité per month.  (See our Pack calendar). The Pack is sub-divided by age groups into Ranks.   Each Rank may have 1 to 3 separate Dens,  with 4 to 10 children in each den.  The Den is organized and managed by trained, volunteer den leaders and assistant den leaders (a.k.a. you, the parents). The den leaders usually organize 1 or 2 den meetings per month where activities are run to achieve awards throughout the year.  In June, Pack 130 holds a Rank Advancement Ceremony, celebrating the success of each boy who has met all the Rank requirements.

Check out the Pack organization for more details.