Pack Library – How do I volunteer?

How do I take an active role in a Den or the Pack?

Thank you for your interest!   All interested adults must :

Getting Started:

Start by creating an account and taking the Youth Protection Training course (about 30 minutes).  Print the certificate and hand it in with the adult registration form.   Soon after, you will be given a member number which you can use to complete the training for your position in the Pack.

Participating in Pack 130:

Looking in on an organisation from the outside can be a bit daunting, especially if you were not personally involved in scouts or girl guides and/or you have never volunteered for anything before.  You see people wearing uniforms and pledging their allegiance to a flag, and talking about how great it is to respect the scout law. It makes you wonder if this really might not be for you.

The primary motivation of most adult volunteers is to share their skills and values with young people. But many of the events they get involved in are just as enjoyable for the adults to participate in as they are for the kids.

For example, Pack 130 organises a winter weekend skiing trip to a stunningly beautiful resort location in the Swiss alps, as well as an early summer camping trip to equally spectacular places. And by participating in these events our volunteers enjoy keeping physically fit and improving their outdoor skills (knot-tying, first aid, cooking, and survival skills). Our dens go hiking, biking, swimming, playing golf, learning archery, playing football and whatever else they are interested in and joining in can be an enjoyable experience for many adults.

In any one year in the Geneva region there are between 100 and 200 families involved in scout groups.  There are more than 30 people involved in running the program cub scout program that Pack 130 delivers to the English speaking international community of the Geneva/Vaud region. These people and people like them make the Boy Scouts of America into what is probably the foremost character development and leadership training program in the world.

There is always work to be done. We need you to tell us what we could do better but even more, we need you to do it better with us. Don’t leave it all to your den leader. Stand up and be counted. Get involved. Like those who came before you, you’ll be surprised at how rewarding it can be.