Pack Library -How do I start my den?

1) Set the Date
Decide what day of the week and at what time of the day you want to have den meetings (work around your own schedule), how frequently (“I try to meet twice a month”), how long they will be (1 hour is recommended for Tigers and Wolves. Bears can do a little bit longer but an hour is also good). If you opt for an hour and a half, make sure you take a 10 minute break in the middle) and where you want to have them (rotate between each family or have the meetings in one location).

2) Finalise the Numbers
Communicate with the families in your den about the time of the meetings and see how many can make that time – if one or two can’t make it, you have to decide whether you are prepared to accommodate them or not (you are the leader so it has to work for you) and if none of the families can do that time, you will obviously have to work with them to find an alternative day/time.

3) Plan your Den Calendar
Once you have chosen your meeting time and dates, use the excel spreadsheet “PACK 130 Calendar” to create your own combined Den/Pack Calendar. Notice that this is colour-coded so you can see the different events throughout the year. Choose a different colour to high-light the dates of your den meetings and try to plan out your den meetings at least until the Easter Break because afterwards it starts to get more complicated with Spring sports. You may have to re-do your calendar after Easter. Then distribute this calendar by email to all your den families.

4) Organise the Kit
You will need: shirt, cap, scarf, belt, red vest, badges and Handbook for each member of your den, and a handbook for yourself. You also need a Program Guide (very useful) and there are other books available. These can all be obtained from the Quartermaster. Try to get this equipment as soon as you know the number of your den and how many boys are in it. Look at the handbook for instruction on how to position the badges on your shirt.

5) Attend the First Pack Meeting
This is usually held on a Friday night at 7pm in late SEPTEMBER. See the Calendar for details of time and location. Be there 5 minutes early to get sorted out in time for the start.

6) Finances/Roster
Collect Pack Registration fees for each cub. Deduct CHF 50 per cub and use it for den activities (buying pencils, paper, scissors and whatever else you want to do. Account for the money roughly and tell your den members what it went on at the end of the year. Transfer the rest of the money to the pack’s bank account (details on website) marking clearly in reason for payment “Den #, Registration.” Fill out the roster details of all your cubs and return to the Den Coordinator.