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 Bicycle Inspection Sheet Click to download a free bicycle inspection sheet from the fine state of Minnesota. 

Trustworthy Tommy was a Scout is a silly song to help scouts remember the Scout Law

Handbooks Here is a link to online versions of all the Cub Scout handbooks in both English and Spanish.


food pyramid

The food pyramid, an oldie but still a goodie.


Elements of a Good (rank) Den Meeting

Leave No Trace Sheet A worksheet to study the details of the BSA Leave No Trace policy


MyPlateCutandPaste This is a great way to introduce the new My Plate healthy eating chart that replaces the food pyramid.

ninja names

Replace your western name with its ninja translation.  This is a great “save” for a den meeting going sour.


Don’t Eat Pete: Place a tiny candy or a peanut on each face.  One scout leaves the room while the others silently choose a “Pete.”  The scout returns from the hallway and begins to eat the peanuts, one by one, until he reaches for Pete, whom he cannot eat.  To stop him the other scouts all yell, “Don’t Eat Pete!” Replace the peanuts and begin again with another scout out in the hallway.  Its another great den meeting save.

police station visit contacts (Morges and Lausanne)

police station visit request  Tweak this letter for your fire station visits, too.

Rethink your drink activity

  • Sugar Savvy  lays out a plan for a great den meeting activity that demonstrates how much sugar is in or favorite drinks
  • Plan at least one den meeting each year around healthy eating.  This is a great activity to do with Bear scouts or Webelos because they are old enough to get the big-picture message.  To save time, supply cleaned, empty drinks bottles for scouts to choose from and prepare the maths at home beforehand.  Directly after this activity, have an open discussion (with pictures -see below) about tooth decay, obesity and diabetes.  To close on a positive note, do  the My Plate  cut and paste game mentioned above.
  • tooth rot, obesity, diabetes

wacky animals word game scout