Wolf Cub (age 7)

Wolf Cubs are 7 years old or in 2nd grade (Swiss 4P)

If the Cub Scout has not previously earned the Bobcat Badge, it must be earned first.

To earn the Wolf rank a Cub Scout must complete 58 tasks out of a possible 74 tasks that are offered in the handbook.  This sounds like a lot but the tasks are not complicated and a scout can often check off more than one task at a time.

Tasks are grouped into the following topics:

  1. Feats of skill
  2. Your flag
  3. Keep your body healthy
  4. Know your home and your community
  5. Tools for fixing and building
  6. Start a collection
  7. Your living world
  8. Cooking and eating
  9. Be safe at home and on the street
  10. Family fun
  11. Duty to God
  12. Making choices

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