Webelo (age 9)

Webelos are 9 years old or in 4th grade (Swiss 6P)

This and the Arrow of Light program are designed to challenge and engage older boys and girls and prepare them for Boy Scouts, where the real adventure begins.

If the Scout has not previously earned the Bobcat Badge, it must be earned first.

Webelos and their den leaders choose from 20 different activities described in the handbook and work to complete some of them this year and some of them next year while an Arrow of Light scout.  The 20 activities are grouped into 5 categories.

The 8 earned activity badges must come from all five categories:

  1. Physical Skills (aquanaut, athlete, fitness, sportsman)
  2. Mental Skills (artist, scholar, showman, traveler)
  3. Community (citizen, communicator, family member, readyman)
  4. Technology (craftsman, engineer, handyman, scientist)
  5. Outdoor (forrester, geologist, naturalist, outdoorsman)

Tiger Cub > Wolf Cub > Bear Cub > Webelo > Arrow of Light