Cub Scouts Basics

How can my child join?

Please refer to the JOIN section.

How much does it cost?

Annual dues are 325.-CHF/year. This includes the uniform, handbook, supplies and materials, den fees, badges, insurance, and other incidentals.  There is also an $11 online registration fee and you may have to pay a small amount for you and your child to participate in various activities (e.g. camping fees, sports event tickets, meals out, etc.).

What your scout will need?

The single most important piece of equipment for every child is his handbook. Handbooks are different for each Rank (age/grade level). Your scout will also need a uniform, which consists of a shirt, kerchief, kerchief slide, hat and patches. Both the handbook and uniform are provided as part of the annual dues.

To participate in pack events, your scout will also need to be equipped. For example, camping requires a tent and sleeping bag, hiking requires appropriate shoes, snowshoeing requires snow boots and ski clothes, ski weekend requires appropriate clothing for various activities, etc.

What are the different Badges and Ranks?

  1. Bobcat: The first rank that every boy or girl must earn when entering the Cub Scouting Program (no matter the age)
  2. Lion Cubs: Lion Cubs are 5 years old or in the last year of preschool (Swiss 2P)
  3. Tiger Cubs: Tiger Cubs are 6 years old or in 1st grade (Swiss 3P)
  4. Wolf Cubs: Wolf Cubs are 7 years old or in 2nd grade (Swiss 4P)
  5. Bear Cubs: Bear Cubs are 8 years old or in 3rd grade (Swiss 5P)
  6. Webelos: Webelos are 9 years old or in 4th grade (Swiss 6P)
  7. Arrow of Light: AOLs are 10 years old or in 5th grade (Swiss 7P)

You can find the rank advancement requirements in scouting resources.

How do I get my badges?

As listed above, there are 6 ranks of Cub Scouts for boys and girls aged 6 to 10. A child can enter Cub Scouts at any age and rank, though each new scout must first earn Bobcat rank.

With the help of the other children in your den, you would first earn your Bobcat rank and badge (awarded to all new scouts in November or December).  Then together with all the children in your den, you would work on your requirements to earn your year’s rank and badge which is awarded in June.  You also earn badges, belt loops, pins when you participate in an activity or achieve a result.

You can find the rank advancement requirements and electives in scouting resources.

Do my parents or family participate?

Yes!  Parents, family-members or close friends generally bring you to/from den meetings, participate in these meetings with other parents, go to Pack meetings with you, and go to Pack events.  And if they want to get more involved, they can become a den leader, volunteer for the Pack Committee, or organise an event for your den (or the pack!).   Participation of the parent is expected and appreciated.

When do we meet?

The pack meets about once a month on Friday nights at La Chataigneraie school in Founex (nickname: La Chat).  Each den meets throughout the year at various locations to help scouts achieve their rank and badges.  Den Leaders try to organize events that are convenient for the cub scouts in their den.