Den meetings

A group of Cub Scouts is called a den. The group gathers at a Den meeting about once a month for games, activities and projects geared toward completing the requirements needed to earn badges. The meeting is under the supervision of the den leader and one other adult (either a Co-Leader, Assistant Den Leader or a parent volunteer) and normally lasts about an hour.  Individual den leaders will plan the meetings and other activities for the den. Dates, times and locations are determined by each den.  Since most dens are composed of children attending various schools, they tend to meet on weekends (often on Sundays since all errands must be done on Saturdays!).

Pack Meetings

A group of dens is called a Pack. Once a month all the dens gather for the pack meeting – an evening of games, awards and activities centered on a monthly theme. This meeting also serves as a showcase for den activities. An adult family member must accompany the Scout. Siblings may attend and should be under the guidance/supervision of a parent. The pack meeting is under the leadership of the Cubmaster and normally lasts about an hour to an hour and a half. The meetings are held at La Chategneraie (Ecolint campus also known as La Chat) on Fridays at 7:30pm.  Here is a general overview of the agenda:

7:10-7:20 pm Gathering
Cub Scouts lay out mats for dens & seating for parents
Place flags at door, place flag stands at “front”

7:30pm Opening Flag Ceremony
Cubmaster (CM): Welcome to everyone, scouts and parents and siblings
Open Ceremony with Crossing of Colours and Recitation of Boy Scout Oath, etc. (each den responsible at least once per year)
CM: Introduction of Guest Speaker (if necessary)
CM: What did Dens do at the last Den Meeting?

7:40pm Program (any combination of the following)
Activities: e.g. show your Pack what you’ve learned, Scout advancement, uniform inspection, achievement & event awards/pins/badges, etc.

8:20pm Closing
Announcements, Upcoming Events, Next Pack Meeting
Closing Flag Ceremony (same den)

8:30pm After the Meeting
Clean up mats and tidy room.

Committee meetings

Our committee (see job descriptions and current members) meets on a monthly basis and handles the administrative side of managing the pack such as scout enrollment, Den Leader Training, Kit & Badges, Finances, Event planning, Liaison with the Transatlantic Council and the BSA, etc.  Meetings are typically at the cubmaster’s home (currently in Versoix). Parents can attend but please let us know in advance (so we can make room and give you the specific address).