The Outdoor Code

As a Scout, I will do my best to Be clean in my outdoor manners, Be careful with fire, Be considerate in the outdoors, and Be conservation minded.


Camping equipment

You should bring a tent, sleeping bags and rain gear.  Plan to dress in layers, as weather in Switzerland can be very changeable. Don’t forget toiletries and towels as there are usually washing facilities. Don’t forget a daypack and camera. Look at the equipment list below.  You should plan to bring equipment for any cooking you plan to do (camping stove or portable/disposable BBQ).  Don’t forget to bring eating and cooking utensils, plates and cups if necessary.  There are often no tables so a portable table would be useful and or picnic blankets.

Camping Equipment Full List:

Obviously you don’t need everything on this list, but it might prompt some thoughts.  Your car can be parked right next to your tent so hauling once you get there should not be a problem, you can live out of your car. Items with an asterisk (*) are part of the recommended minimum.

  • Tent (w/waterproof ground cover)*
  • Sleeping pad/air mattress and/or sleeping bag*
  • Folding table/chairs Comfortable walking shoes or boots*
  • Change of clothes (layers recommended)*
  • Cub scout handbook!*
  • Flashlight (torch) with extra batteries and/or camp lantern and fuel*
  • Camp stove and fuel or portable BBQ (you may want to organize sharing)
  • Matches/lighter
  • Pocket knife
  • Canteen or water bottles,
  • ice chest for food storage* (hint: freeze some of your water bottles to keep the ice chest cold longer)
  • Sun cream and insect repellent*
  • First aid kit*
  • Utensils, pots, pans, etc. Dish soap, sponge and towel for cleaning up anything you use.
  • Napkins*
  • Plastic bags/garbage bags*
  • Plates, cups, utensils  (or easier, eat finger foods and drink from bottles)
  • Personal toiletries*
  • Soap and Towels for showers
  • Camera, film, binoculars Sports equipment, including bicycles
  • Food and beverages for all meals, snacks for hikes
  • A sense of adventure, humor and mind set for possibility of rain.*

Please do not bring electronic games or stereo systems.  Pack 130 is a device-free Pack.