Bike Rally

The Pack Bike Rally is a fundraiser where the children ride laps around a path in the Versoix woods to raise money for the Pack Charity.  The scouts secure sponsors who pledge a certain amount of money per lap.

 GPS coordinates: N 46.29095, E 6.12615

About the course:

  • Each lap is approximately 2.5 km and the most laps completed by a child was 10 laps, although the tiger cubs usually do only 3-4 laps.
  • You can walk/cycle the entire course in Versoix to familiarize yourself with it in advance.
  • The gates cannot be opened and horses will have right of way.
  • The intersections are manned by parents from our den or boy scouts (they volunteer as part of their community service) throughout the race to prevent anyone going off into the wild.

The Race:

  • Generally starts after lunch, 1:30-4:00pm.
  • Registration starts 1:30, race starts at 2pm.
  • The children should wear their pack t-shirts (not their uniforms).
  • Helmets are mandatory.
  • Riders will need to drastically slow down at the end of the lap to go around the gate.
  • Riders should stay well hydrated.  Snacks and water will be available in the area between the finish line and starting point throughout the rally.

After the race:

  • The children usually finish their laps by 3:30pm, and snacks (families bring snacks to share) and prizes will be given out.
  • We then clean–up and remove everything from the course – Leave No Trace
  • Children will have to inform their sponsors how many laps they accomplished and collect the money, which they should give to their den leader along with the fundraising form.

Safety messages for everyone:

  • The route is wide and paved for all but the last leg, which is wide and lightly gravelled, hard dirt. Do not turn off onto a woodchip path or narrow dirt path. Again, we will have signs and parents at each intersection to ensure everyone follows the right route.
  • If someone is injured: let one of the adults know. We will have at least one rider with a walkie-talkie connection to the start. (The mobile phone network is weak.) We will also have a first aid kit.
  • If you get lost: stay calm and stay where you are.
  • If you get too tired to complete a lap: ride to the next intersection and let the adult there know or wait for someone to pass you and let them know.
  • If you need to stop: please move your bike and yourself to the side of the path.
  • Pass with care.
  • Horses have the right of way, please give them plenty of space.
  • Keep decorations safe.
  • Make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the rally.

Please bring:

  • A healthy snack snack to share (choose your favorite fruit).
  • Your own water bottles to reduce waste (we will provide water).
  • Reflective vests and ankle straps.
  • Pack t-shirt for the children (There may be some in stock, please place any orders through your den leader well in advance).
  • Helmets for riders. Bear cubs should bring their bike locks so we can check off another achievement.
  • Sponsor sheet (children should turn in the money raised to their den leader within 2 weeks after end of event)

The rally will only be cancelled if the weather is really bad, if you are in doubt check your e-mail and the website.