Committee Meetings

The committee (see roles) meets throughout the year to handle the administrative side of managing the pack.  For example, it is responsible for Scout Enrollment, Den Leader Training, Kit & Badges, Finances, Event planning, Liaison with the Transatlantic Council and the BSA, etc.  Below you’ll find meeting minutes. Please check the calendar for upcoming meetings or email us if interested in joining.

2019-20 Season

2018-19 Season

2017-18 Season

2016-17 Season:

Available upon request

2015-16 Season:

Available upon request

2014-2015 Season

8 October Committee Meeting

2 September Committee Meeting

2013-2014 Season

October 2013 Comittee meeting

6 November 2013 Committee Meeting

4 December 2013 Committee Meeting

15 January 2014 Committee Meeting

26 February 2014 Committee Meeting

02 april 2014 Committee Meeting