Charity Commitment

Every year, the Pack Committee, with help from parents and scouts, selects one or two organizations to support for the next Cub Scout year (one formal, one informal).  To be chosen, the organization generally:

  • must be a non-profit
  • must improve the lives of children or animals
  • must have received positive reviews from charity watchdog website(s)
  • must be sensitive to the international community of our Pack

The scouts raise funds throughout the year (e.g. at family events) or collect items to donate locally.  

Past Charities

2019-20 – School in a bag

2017-18 – SPA in Oyonnax

2016-17 – Centre ornithologique de réadaptation

2015-16 – SOS Herissons

2014-15 – La Maison de la Rivière

2013-14 – Room to Read

2012-13 –  Parc Challandes 

2011-12  – Maisha House 

2010-11 – The Sophia Kolevich Foundations for Livestrong  

2009-10 – Asskam 

2008-09 – Help For Hope 

2007-08 –  Help Uganda Kids 

2006-07 – Graos de Luz Grîo 

2005-06 – Orphans in Botswana