Camping Sixt-fer-a-cheval 2018


  • 4.50 € / night – Adults and children over 16
  • 3.00 € / night – Children under 16:
Please bring cash in € and some small change for drinks and breakfast.

Saturday program

Rock climbing :
4 professional guides will set up and help us learn and try rock climbing. Gear provided, however bring your own if you have it. Open to all family members.
According to the following schedule :
9.00-10.30 : AOL den
10.30-12.00 : Bears
12.00-13.30 : Wolves
14.00-15.30 : Tigers
15.30-17.00 : Webelos
Hiking :
Various hikes organized by den but open to other members according to your own capacities.
9:30 – 15:00 – Chalets du Boret par le pas du Boret (a rope to hold your child when climbing the steep part is mandatory), lunch at the Chalet du Boret and return via Bout du Monde.
Hike organized by the Webelos and open to excellent hikers. If you are interested and not in the Webelos den please contact David Cowley or James Strait.
11:00-13:00 – Cirque du Fer a Cheval, Campsite Le Pelly to the buvette du Prazon.
Easy flat hike with spectacular views. Same hike as the Bout du Monde but turn around at the buvette du Prazon. Hike led by tiger den. Contact Diane Whitney or Alec Birkbeck.
11:30-16:00 – Le cirque des Fonts
Medium level hike organized by the AOL den. Refuge closed so bring your lunch. To join contact Christer Malmberg or Colin Turner.
14:30-17:00 – Le Bout du Monde
Medium level hike organized by Bears and Wolves. To join contact Antony Newborough
Dinner  cooked and shared in each den.
Campfire songs, skits and marshmallows…
22.00 :
Lights out.

Sunday program

Breakfast served as of 8:00
Drinks and bread/ pain au chocolat available upon reservation at campsite.
Rank advancement ceremony (bring your uniform)
Break camp after leaving no trace.
Looking forward to seeing you next weekend.
Yours in scouting
Christer Malmberg