2018 Winter Weekend Information

Scout Winter Weekend 19 to 21 January (Leysin)

There will be close to 200 people attending this event so it is sure to be a fun time. The weather is calling for a little snow but that will only make it more exciting.

The ski school did not offer group lessons on the weekend but I was able to arrange things and we have close to 40 kids participating in groups as well as a number in private lessons. Sorry for those parents who wanted lessons at the same time as kids but in the end we booked all the instructors for that time slot for the kids’ lessons.

This is a large ski resort and as a family, aside from the ski lessons, you are responsible for your children. Please make sure you know where they are at all times.

Train to Leysin.

If you are coming by train, you can get off at the Versmont train station. It is the station after Leysin Village, and the closest to the hotel.

From Geneva it takes about 1hr45 minutes and there is change in Aigle, Platform 15/16. It departs Aigle (Direction Leysin-Grand-Hôtel) every hour at XX:56 so plan your connection from other stations accordingly. The train suggested on the app from Geneva and Nyon has a short stop over (3 minutes).  The green trains to the mountains are on the platforms directly opposite the arriving train.  Try to get into the FIRST CAR of the train.

Arrival at Hotel

Classic Hôtel
Route de la Cité 4
Case postale 221
1854 Leysin

If I (Bernie) am not there yet when you arrive you can just check in at the main desk. They have a list of all room assignments. They will ask for credit card for any additional expenses but they know I will be taking care of the room costs. I will hand out ski passes when I arrive and the ski lesson group numbers. For those arriving on Saturday morning I will leave an envelope for you with your passes at the check in desk if you arrive after I have already left for the slopes.

For those arriving by car, there is parking available and you will have to pay the hotel directly (15.- CHF per night). There is also street parking if you can find a spot.

Schedule of events

See schedule to be sent by email.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! Any questions let me know and I will see if I can find out the answer.